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Budget group report at end-September

(Date: 19 October 2005)

Achieved at End September:

  Agreement with French organization Amorces, who will manage Babels’s budget on the International Meeting.
Amorces will be responsible for managing the financial flows, keeping the accounts, preparing the annual financial statements and the financial report
It will reeive a 5% fee for its management work.

  Discussions on the relevance to keep the Paris-based « Association pour le réseau Babels ». Intesting to keep it alive for several reasons, in particular because it gives the network a legal existence, which is a key element when looking for financial assistance and partnerships

  A number of organizations have been contacted with requests for assistance and funding :
—  Application filed for the « European Union Label » to apply to the Babels International Meeting (European Commission)
—  Ford Foundation
—  Council of London
—  USA : network of progressive foundations (FTNG)
—  1st contact with the St Denis city council
—  1st contact with MP P. Braouezec
—  1st contact with Ritimo/FPH-Léopold Meyer

  Results: interesting contacts were taken, but nothing decisive for the moment. Action to be extended and amplified

Next steps:

 Organizations to be contacted shortly (shift to higher gear!) :
—  Ile de France regional authority: application for subsidies to be filed soon with the regional authority (around training DVD)
—  « Un Monde Partout » foundation: next meeting in Decembre – present the project and ask for assistance/funding
—  Follow-up on first contacts with organizations/institutions already contacted
—  Expand contacts with St Denis / Braouezec / Ritimo
—  Ministry of Francophony/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs– renew contact following “Trophée de la Francophonie”
—  Continue contacts with ADIF to obtain opening onto any EU subsidies/funding around the topic of language diversity
—  German foundations (Rosa Luxemburg, SPD, Grünen, Friedrich Hebert
—  Systematically contact all the organisations participating in the ESF (300 French organizations part of the « French Initiative for the ESF” + international organizations identified) to ask them to fund one or two plane tickets

  Persons to be contacted shortly:
—  Harlem Désir
—  P. Braouezec
—  Nicola (Focus on Global South)
—  Peter Wahl
—  ...

  Decentralize/amplify the action of the budget group:
—  Issue a "call for participation" to all Babels members, asking them:
— - to identify possible assistance/funding sources in their countries
— - who could act as Budget Group contact persons in a country/region, in order to relay our action and/or take initiative
—  Contact Babels groups in Caracas, Athens, Karachi and Mali to inform/raise their awareness regarding the International Meeting, circulate Anastasia’s idea to organize a fund-raising party and involve them in looking for funding sources
—  Draw up a small summary of responses/ideas received by email to the first « call for volunteers » launched in early September – send this summary to contributors and to the other workign groups – scale up mobilisation and commitment
—  Contact Denise (Brazil) + group possibly set up in Brazil
—  Contact the Cuban interpreters

  Communicate more strongly/widely on the project:
—  Send the various « calls for participation » + end-September report + links + involve the other workign groups

  Use €5,000 or 6.000 to have members of the International Meeting project group travel to each of the 3 World Social Forums (Karachi, Caracas, Mali) – mid/end January

  Communicate more strongly/widely on the project in order to step up mobilisation/participation: set up a monthly information/communication “rendez-vous” (inter-working-group information/communication – newsletter??) via email/forum

  3 Budget/Logistics/Program working groups to send a joint email by October 14, 2005
—  The various calls for participation
—  Reports/Information/communication

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