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Thank you…

Wednesday 2 March 2005

The vocabulary suggestions you will find here have emerged from collective voluntary work begun at the 2003 ESF. They represent the fruits of interaction between us and the organisations which take part in the ESF.

A huge thank you to all the ‘vocabularists’ ! Emmanuelle Rivière, for the ”war and peace” section, Anna Bodenez for women’s rights and LGBT, Damien Landini for fair trade, Merle Shore for social welfare. Another big thank you to the ‘transtrad-ers’ and to all those who helped us out when time was tight before the MSF: Laura Escorihuela, Patricia Leleu, Alicia Zarate, Agnès, Martina Roc, David Clerigo and Andrea Grechi. Not to mention Josep, Jean-Yvon, Laura and Friends of the Earth, for the vocabulary relating to nuclear power.

Also... to: Céline Trublin (Agir ici) and Sarah Valin (AITEC) for their information on GATT, David Eloy (Aitec-IPAM), for his advice on development financing, Fabrice Flipo (Réseau Action Climat) for his advice on questions to do with the environment, Jean-Yvon Landrac (Réseau Sortir du Nucléaire) for all the facts on that question, Véronique Rioufol (Alliance 21) for the social and supportive economy section, Michel Rousseau (Marches européennes) for their document, Nelly Martin and Josette Rome-Chastenet, for the information on the Women’s Assembly, and to coorditrad, for their competent translation!

The Babels team.