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 Home > Long-term > Transtrad > Project: "Live List Translation" (WSF-FSM / ESF-FSE)

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Period 2 - ESF Live List Translation Experiment

(Date: 12 September 2005)

After Period 1 (see article 322), lasting from June to September 2005, Transtrad is starting Period 2 of the “ESF Live List Translation Project”. This project consists in the translation into European languages of e-mails published in the European Social Forum, European Preparatory Assembly mailing list. The aim is to encourage language diversity in the communications among the different organizations participating in the list by allowing people to read and write in languages other than English.

In this second period we would like to make a special call for the participation of translators into Central and East European languages, since these had almost no representation in the previous period.

 Each person chooses one day of the week in which he/she commits him/herself to translate one of the e-mails posted on the list.
 There is a webmail account to be used for this purpose. Translators are supposed to log in every week on their chosen day, select one of the e-mails of the day, translate it and then send the translation back to the list (translations should be delivered within 24 hours if possible).
 Detailed instructions on the use of the webmail account will be sent to the volunteer translators.

Quality issues:
 Translations are not proofread; special care should therefore be taken to avoid misunderstandings since organizations might make important decisions based on the translated information.
 In order to produce the best possible quality, volunteers are encouraged to ONLY translate into their mother tongues.

If you want to participate, please send the following information:
 To: Transtrad
 Day of the week (select one only):
 Skype ID:
 Source Language(s):
 Target Language(s) (i.e. mother tongue):
 Level of proficiency (i.e. professional/experienced/occasional/first experience):

Please, don’t make a hasty decision; if you participate, you are committing yourself to translate one e-mail every week.

For further information: article 361

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