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Practical Information on the confirmation process

(Date: 11 March 2006)

Practical Information for travelling to Athens

This report concerns all Babels coordinations and all the interpreters who will travel to Athens to participate in the 4th ESF.

Confirmation of interpreters’s participation

a. For those countries that there are Babels coordinations we expect lists of interpreters that have been confirmed by the corresponding Babels coordinations. Normally, Babels coordinations send lists with more names than the ones needed. So, Babels-el processes the lists and selects the interpreters according to their linguistic combinations and their experience.

b. Then, the final list of interpreters from each country is forwarded to Lina who is responsible for talking to their interpreters about their tickets.

c. For those countries that there is no Babels coordination, Babels-el tries to use the information on the database and whatever contacts they have to find interpreters for the corresponding languages. Babels-el contacts these people and tries to confirm their participation.

d. Then, Lina will contact them about their ticket.

Travelling and tickets

All interpreters will have to talk to Lina about the booking and the payment of their ticket.

Those interpreters who come from Western European countries (UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria etc.) will have to book and pay for their tickets. When they come to Athens, they will be reimbursed for their expenses. Please do NOT buy your ticket before you confirm the price, the dates of arrival and departure with Lina. All interpreters who will travel to Athens are registered in a spreadsheet by Lina. NO INTERPRETER WILL BE REIMBURSED UNLESS THEY ARE REGISTERED IN THAT SPREADSHEET.

Those interpreters and coordinators who come from Eastern European countries (Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria etc.) will not pay for their tickets in advance. As soon as they are confirmed, Lina will contact them, she will book a pre-paid ticket and will send it to them electronically with precise instructions.

All interpreters and coordinators who travel to Athens should keep the COUPON, RECEIPT and should also make a PHOTOCOPY of their ticket.


All interpreters and coordinators will stay at houses or at low cost hotels booked by the ESF Organizing Committee. Both interpreters and coordinators will be offered free accomodation. We urge participants to let us know for any particularities on their part concerning allergies or any other health issues. Participants will be sent emails about their lodging and instructions how to get there in April. The coordinators responsible for accomodation are Dimitris E. and Panayotis P. You can contact them by sending an email at

Meals during the ESF

The Organizing Committee of the 4th ESF reassured us that all interpreters and coordinators will be given coupons for the 4 days of the Forum. They will be offered two meals a day but no drinks.


Babels-el can afford to offer hospitality to one coordinator per country. All coordinators who would like to come in Athens are advised to arrive a week or ten days before the 4th ESF. This means that they should start arriving from April 24th and onwards. Those interested should contact us in Even though they will be offered free accomodation, there is no way for us to offer free meals.

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