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 Home > Event-related > European SF > FSE-ESF 2006 > Practical information for volunteers

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Transport to the ESF venue and/or from the airport

(Date: 14 April 2006)

To the ESF venue

The Basketball and Fencing facilities are 13 km away from the center of Athens and the means of transport that arrive directly to the venue from the city center are the following:

Bus : A1: Peiraias – Voula

(For those of you who will stay in Peiraias)

Bus: A2: Akadimia – Voula (via Amphitheas Avenue)

(Starting point: Panepistimiou Avenue, center of Athens)

Bus: B1: Peiraias – Ano Glyfada

Bus: 140 – Polygono – Glyfada

Tramway Line 2

(Starting Point: Syntagma square)

The bus-stop you should get off is the 2nd Bus-stop of Aghios Kosmas. This applies to the Tramway line as well: 2nd Tramway Stop of Aghios Kosmas.

You can also reach the venue using the following means of transport in combination:

  1. Take the Metro Line 2 (Red Line), get off at Dafni Station and then you choose one of the above metioned buses (the bus-stop is just above the metro station)
  2. Take the Metro Line 1 (Green Line), get off at Faliro Station and then get on to Tramway Line 3.

You should get off at the 2nd Stop of Aghios Kosmas, no matter which means of transport you have chosen.

From the Airport to the Center of Athens or Peiraias

You will find the following buses

 X94 Ethniki Amina Station (Ethniki Amina Metro Station, Metro Line 3 – Blue Line)
 X95 Syntagma
 X96 Peiraias (via Paraliaki avenue – 1st Aghios Kosmas bus-stop for those who are coming directly from the airport to the venue)
 X97 Dafni (arrives at Dafni Metro Station)

The bus service from the airport to the center of Athens or to Peiraias is every 30 minutes during the night and much more frequent during the day.

Those of you who arrive in Athens late at night will have to pay the 3.20 euros for the ticket and you will be reimbursed once you arrive at Babels offices at the venue. Please KEEP your validated ticket, otherwise you will not be reimbursed.

For further information about transport services and finding your way in Athens, please visit the following sites:

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