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ESF 2004 Newsletter 1- 29/07/04

(Date: 7 August 2004)

Another World is Possible

This newsletter is also available for download at

ESF online registration is now available at

Welcome to the first newsletter of the European Social Forum 2004

This will regularly update readers on the latest decisions and information about
ESF 2004. We welcome your suggestions for future content so that this newsletter
is helpful in making ESF 2004 the best possible festival for creating another

A worldwide movement comes to London -
The third European Social Forum (ESF) will take place from 14-17 October in
London. It will be a gathering for everyone opposed to war, racism and
corporate power, for all who want global justice and equality, workers’ rights
and a sustainable society.

ESF 2004 is part of a worldwide movement of social forums. The first two ESFs in
Italy and France attracted tens of thousands of participants from across Europe
and beyond.

Timetable for ESF 2004 -
ESF 2004 will open with a large event on Thursday 14 October followed by three
days of discussion and debate involving leading activists from around the
world, as well as music, drama, film, and exhibitions celebrating the global
movement. The ESF will close on Sunday afternoon with an international
demonstration through central London.

Registration -
ESF Passes entitle you to entry to all sessions at the ESF. Registration in
advance costs £30 (waged) and £20 (unwaged). Further details and registration
forms can be found on the ESF website. Online payment is now available. You are
able to apply for free and cheap accommodation in London available through
the UK ESF once you have registered.

Programme Update -
ESF 2004 will take place under the main theme of ‘Another Europe in Another
World’ with the programme of discussions, debates and cultural activities
focusing on six key themes:
 War and peace
 Democracy and fundamental rights
 Social justice and solidarity: against privatisation (deregulation), for
workers, social and women’s rights

 Corporate globalisation and global justice
 Against racism, discrimination and the far right: for equality and diversity
 Environmental crisis and sustainable society

Each theme will have a number of plenaries allocated to it. For a full list of
the plenaries agreed for ESF 2004 click here: ESF plenaries.

The Forum will reflect the world in which we live with proper representation of
women, the black communities and the global south, in the plenaries.

Your group or organisation can suggest speakers for these plenaries by emailing or by attending the UK ESF 2004 programme group.
Details of this and other organising meetings can be found here: ESF meetings.

You can also shape ESF 2004 by proposing and organising meetings and cultural
events. The deadline for proposing meetings has been extended to 1 August. To
make a proposal or to add your support to current proposals visit and click on the programme bar.

Culture @ ESF 2004 -
The Culture Working Group is aiming to make the ESF a festival of resistance
with performers from oppressed and marginalised communities throughout Europe
and the world. All the performers will give a human element to the ESF as well
as bringing a lot of fun to us all! Get involved in the Cultural Working Group
by emailing or use the ESF website to make a proposal
to put on a cultural event.

Build the ESF 2004 -
The programme for this year’s ESF is well under way and now the focus is to
build the largest, most diverse, ESF attendance possible. The ESF office can
provide you with leaflets and information materials to help you publicise the
ESF in your local area. You can also download an information pack including a
contact list from the ESF website.

Volunteers needed – Help organise the ESF! -
There are hundreds of volunteers needed during the ESF (14th to 17th of October)
and many in the month immediately prior to the event. If you are interested
please see the volunteer application that will be available shortly on the ESF
website at the volunteers section or email

Babels -
Babels is an international network of volunteer interpreters and translators who
cover the interpreting needs of the Social Forums and related international
social movement activities. Babels is looking for volunteer interpreters and
translators for the ESF 2004. You can now register online at or

Accommodation -
We aim to provide as much free accommodation as possible in community spaces and
in the homes of the movement in London. We strongly encourage all Londoners
engaged in social movements to consider what accommodation they can offer to
people attending the ESF. You are also able to apply for free and cheap
accommodation in London through the UK ESF when you register.

World Social Forum 2005 -
The process leading towards the fifth World Social Forum, which will take place
in Porto Alegre in January 2005, has begun. You can fill in a thematic
consultation at which will help to define the programme
and format of the next WSF.

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