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INFO 8: Babels & FSM 2005

(Date: 16 January 2005)

1/ Information about the WSF-2005

Since September, we have published a number of information bulletins and intermediary reports on the Babels website. These reports explain many of the original and important aspects of the WSF-2005: Nomad, WSF Territory, Memory, Experienced/Inexperienced volunteers, etc.

Whether you will be in Porto Alegre or not for the WSF-2005 as a Babels volunteer, we suggest that you read these bulletins and intermediary reports: they will answer many of your questions, and will help you understand how the WSF has been organized.

Link: INFO bulletins and Intermediary reports

2/ Information about the Babels coordination for the WSF-2005

Babels is an international network of volunteers. The team of coordinators who volunteered for the WSF reflects the diversity of the network as a whole. During their spare time, these volunteer coordinators are organizing the work, travel and housing of 500 volunteers from around the world.

The volunteer coordinators are not a travel agency nor a commercial interpretation agency. They are doing their best to accommodate everyone’s wishes, but they cannot make miracles. Their goal is to make the WSF-2005 a success for everyone.

Here is an incomplete list of Babels coordinators for the WSF:

Bettina, interpreter, Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Clarissa, French and English teacher, New York (USA)
Daniela, Montevideo (Uruguay)
Denise, interpreter, Goinia (Brazil)
Erica, interpreter, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Freddy, Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Gabriela, interpreter, Lima (Peru)
Gemma, activist, Barcelona (Spain)
Germán, interpreter, Berlin (Germany)
Graziela, translator, São Paulo (Brazil)
Henrique, São Paulo (Brazil)
Jean-Christian, activist, Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Julia, agitator, São Paulo (Brazil)
Julie, activist and trapezist, currently in Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Laurent, French teacher and trade unionist, Paris (France)
Leda, interpreter, São Paulo (Brazil)
Luciana , journalist, Montevideo (Uruguay)
Luis, São Paulo (Brazil)
Maricruz, interpreter, Quito (Ecuador)
Mónica, interpreter, Bogotá (Colombia)
Monica, interpreter, São Paulo (Brazil)
Patricia, interpreter, São Paulo (Brazil)
Paolo, interpreter, Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Robert, interpreter, Belém (Brazil)
Ronaldo, Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Sonia, Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Stéphanie, journalist, Paris (France)
Susana, translator, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Yan, English teacher, Paris (France)

3/ If you have been selected for the WSF-2005: please read carefully

Thank you for volunteering to work as an interpreter during the WSF-2005!

Important reminder: we are counting on you to work in a booth during 2 to 3 sessions a day during the WSF (there will be 4 daily sessions). On the days in which you will be working only 2 sessions, we may ask you to be on standby during one session in case there is an emergency (one interpreter has fallen ill, etc.)

If all goes well, you will be sent your individual schedule with the list of workshops you are expected to work in a few days before the beginning of the WSF. This way, you will have some time to prepare, and you will also be able to get in touch with the person with whom you will be working in the booth. Your colleague in the booth will be counting on you: if you disappear inexplicably, that person will be left alone!

During your free time, you will be able to roam the WSF Territory, to participate in other workshops, or simply to walk around Porto Alegre in the scorching heat...

For more information about the way the Babels coordinators are organizing the booth planning process, please read the latest bulletin INFO 7 "BaBOO".

Also, we have put online the final list of events which will have interpretation during the WSF-2005. We will send you your personal schedule as soon as possible.

See you soon in Porto Alegre!

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