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(Date: 21 October 2004)

Nomad is working!

Nomad is the project linked with the conference room equipments in Porto Alegre. Parallel to the Babels project, and entirely coordinated with it, Nomad volunteers met at the end of August in Porto Alegre.

The "WSF translation" project is therefore a global project bridging ideas with practices: reclaiming and mastering the interpretation techniques enabling diverse languages, using expertise in a collaborative way based on volunteer work.

You can see Nomad working

You can participate to Nomad (to know more about it)
To subscribe to the discussion mailinglist

Without getting in too many details, Nomad is around 5 technologies which will be developed and managed by volunteers and which related equipments will be built by local companies complying with the solidarity economy principles.

These 5 technologies are divided in 2 main families:
 The room audio system and sound distribution between speakers / interpreters / room (analogic and digital)
 The people listening system (cables / magnetic loop / FM)

A Nomad laboratory exists in POA allowing testing of the technologies and training of the volunteers (technicians and interpreters)
Another Nomad laboratory exists in Nantes (France)
A third one exists in Mumbai (India)
For the moment...

We are organizing in order for all of you to interact with Nomad volunteers and to train with Nomad equipment, a day in each of the room in POA in which you will work. Normaly on the afternoon of January 25 and the morning of January 26 each one of you will be asked to go to the room in which he/she will work during the WSF in order to meet the persons, in order to touch and manipulate the room equipment.

See you soon in POA

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