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(Date: 21 October 2004)

Porto Alegre, January 26 to 31, 2005
POA Office, Aug 2004


 Territory: space to experiment different practices and lifestyles, which are demonstrative in nature and exemplary that another world is possible:

 Space in which a multiplicity of relations, practices and lifestyles materialize (human, ethic, economic, social, political and human-geographic) precursors of the post-neoliberal and post-capitalist world proclaimed by the Forum;

“World Social Territory”

 use of free software;
 democratic management of space and its dynamics;
 self-management and encouragement of attitudes of social and environmental responsibility and respect for public things and spaces;
 Popular and sympathetic economy, fair commerce and ethical consumption;
 use of constructive bio-construction techniques;
 use of social currency;
 sustainability and environmental preservation;
 culture as a strategic dimension of expressing diversity and constructing consciousness
 The territory that will host the Forum includes the area surrounding the Guaiba Waterfront (Orla do Guaíba) from the entrance to the Port of Porto Alegre to the Naval Park of Brazil (Parque Marinha do Brasil), also occupying Redenção Park (Parque da Redenção) and the UFRGS central campus.
 The geo-spatial occupation of the territory and distribution of activities shall occur within 10 to 12 Stations

Themes. “World Social Territory”

 Thematic Stations, more than physical facilities, are spaces for the merging of agendas, struggles, political subjects and convergent meetings.

 The Stations will have physical facilities (rooms, auditoriums, tents, constructions, etc) to host the events and activities according to the political and organizational criteria of the Forum;

 The Stations shall also provide necessary infrastructure for food, restrooms/toilets and a range of services such as: information, guidance, telephone, internet, security, bank branches, registration for Brazilian participants, etc

 The Territory will stress the constitution of a number of spaces that facilitate fellowship, interaction and convergence:

  • decentralized cultural areas within the Stations;
  • decentralized general (supply) services within the stations and different Fairs;
  • public squares and centers for mass activities that enable both broad open meetings and well as more closed encounters: Sunset Amphitheater (Anfiteatro Pôr-do-sol); Araújo Vianna Auditorium; “ Largo ” Zumbi dos Palmares ; Gigantinho Gymnasium; Redenção Park.

Construction and investment needs:

 Construction of new spaces (tents, bio-construction) to address need for facilities;
 Provision of basic infrastructure (electricity, IT, telephone, water, sewage) in several parts of the territory;
 Works and services to adapt, renovate and repair installed capacity;
 Works and services to equip all of the physical spaces within the territory.
 Socio-environmental sustainability and integration into the natural landscape of the city
 “Take-down” of structures in the territory preserving the natural and environmental conditions thereof
 Use of typical architecture of traditional communities from RS, Brazil and the world
 Priority to solidary enterprises in provisioning and supply of the WSF
 Compensate POA in the form of permanent investments
 Dialogue with social representatives (PO) in the construction process of the Forum
 Alternative and non-polluting transportation

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